Your Spiritual Journey with CBC


Your Spiritual Journey

Here at CBC we want you to have a clear path to follow so you can deepen your walk with God and further your engagement with our church.


Explore is the genuine inquiry of God and the church, which deepens my commitment to trust them with my spiritual life.

Explore Community

This one-hour orientation will help you learn about Community Baptist Church. You will meet some of the pastoral staff and get some ideas about what's next for you as we get to know more about each other. Explore Community is held monthly.

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Baptism is an important part of our commitment to Jesus Christ. At Community Baptist Church we baptize by immersion.

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Connect is the intentional involvement in a relationship with Christ and his church, which enables my spiritual development.

Strengthening the Core

This is a 7-week small group experience, learning about our Six Spiritual Habits. These habits describe the life of a growing Christian and what we envision happening in the life of every Christ-follower.

Strengthening the Core


You can find authentic connections with God and others through service. We believe God calls us to use our talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts to help the local church make a difference in this world. At Community Baptist Church there are ministries for all ages and a variety of opportunities to serve on a team. A brochure of current serving opportunities is available at the Next Steps table during weekend services.


Grow is the continuing pursuit of my relationship with God and others, which allows the Holy Spirit to transform my life.

Small Groups

Life change happens best in relationship. That is, in relationship with God and others. At Community Baptist Church we believe that this is done best when you are connected in a small group. Through small groups we are encouraged to live an authentic life that is being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit with the support of others.

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Gifted to Serve

This two-part offering instructs on the topic of spiritual gifts. The goal of this time is to help people discover their unique gifting and abilities which can lead to a greater focus in serving.

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Partnership at Community Baptist Church (often referred to as membership in other churches) reflects a person's commitment to discover meaningful participation in our church community through our Six Spiritual Habits.

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Thrive is the ongoing surrender of my transformed life to God's calling, which leads to kingdom-centered service.

Spiritual Growth Assessment

The Spiritual Growth Assessment is a tool that helps you to see how the Six Spiritual Habits are being expressed in your life. From the assessment you can prayerfully develop a spiritual growth plan. The assessment and planner is available at the Next Steps table at every service. If you would like to take the assessment online, please click below.

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Lead a Small Group

A small group leader provides vision, direction, and support so each group member has the opportunity to experience spiritual transformation.

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Go on a Missions Trip

Whether it's a short trip down to Mexico or a week-long trip to South America, we've got teams to put you on.

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