November 2018 Baptism Classes

- Adult: Sunday, November 4, 9:15am, Room 107
- Children (grades 3-6): Sunday, November 4, 11:00am, Room 107 (parents must attend with child)
- Youth: Tuesday, November 6, 6:00pm, Youth Office



Baptism is the Christian rite of professing your faith in Jesus the Savior. Baptism always involves water as a sign of cleansing and identification into the body of Christ. Jesus is our example as the Bible records his baptism in the Jordan River (Mark 1:9-11). Baptism is also symbolic of a person's union with Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul explains how baptism identifies the believer with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:1-11). Baptism, then, is a public profession of our new life in Christ and an outer sign of our obedience to him. Historically, when a person became a follower of Jesus they got baptized very soon. Baptisms at Community Baptist Church are held a few times a year at the weekend services. They can also be held in backyard pools with family and friends (usually with a CBC small group).


November 2018 Baptism Dates

Friday, November 16
Sunday, November 18


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ADULT - Sunday, November 4, 9:15amKIDS (Grades 3-6) - Sunday, November 4, 11:00amYOUTH - Tuesday, November 6, 6:00pm

Choose a Baptism Date (Baptisms held on November 16/18)
Friday, November 16, 6:00pmSunday, November 18, 9:15amSunday, November 18, 11:00am

Let us know if you have any questions below:

To get you started on your way to being baptized follow these steps:

1. Fill out your “Personal Testimony” by clicking here.

2. Listen to “Baptism: The Invitation” below.

3. Sign-up for a baptism class.

If you have put your trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you should be baptized.  If you would like more information on baptism, email Jackie or reach her at 909.945.5001 x225.

To learn more about baptism, listen to “The Invitation”



Infant Baptism

CBC baptizes children, beginning at age 8, who have made their own decision to follow Christ and understand the meaning of baptism. We don’t baptize infants, but we do practice Baby Dedication for parents of infants. Baby Dedication is the public commitment of the parents to raise their children to love and follow God. We dedicate the little one to God and pray for the Gospel to be made full and real in them, trusting the child will make their own decision for Christ in the coming years.

Get more information for Baby Dedications

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