Community Assemble!


Last weekend Avengers: Infinity War hit the big screen and made a lot of money. Theaters were sold out and people were standing in line to see all of Marvel’s heroes join together for a purpose bigger than themselves. People love Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and all of the other heroes, but they especially love seeing them come together.

The part of us that likes seeing fictional heroes come together in movies is the same part of us that likes seeing communities band together after a natural disaster. We were not created to live life alone or go our own way. We were created in the image of God, who exists in perfect community among the Trinity. When we live in community with others, we reflect our creator and live life as it was intended to be lived.

This weekend Pastor Rob took us back to the earliest days of the church, when all the believers were gathered together and living in community. Acts 2 tells us that they gathered together for teaching, meals and prayer; they also cared for each other’s needs and lived in such a way that people were drawn to them. That’s the power of genuine community: others see it and they want to be a part of it.

For us to have that kind of appealing community, though, requires us to actively engage with others. Our culture pushes us to look out for ourselves and ignore others while we look at our phones. But again, we weren’t created for that type of isolation. Our hearts are moved when we see people coming together for a common cause; we just need to let those feelings push us to actually getting involved in a community.

At CBC that could mean joining a small group or starting one with some of your friends. It could mean serving in a ministry and finding community as you use your gifts with others. Perhaps your first step is just introducing yourself to someone you don’t know on a Friday night or Sunday morning, finding out a little bit more about another person.

We love seeing the Avengers come together in order to save the world. That’s just a comic book movie, though. When we as followers of Christ come together, we can make an actual difference in the real world. We can meet the needs of those around us and live in such a way that people would want to be a part of our community. The community is stronger when we’re all involved, so what do you need to do to play your part?

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