What’s your favorite emoji?

Is it the winky face to let your friends know that you’re just messing around?

Is it the heart eyes face to let your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you’re thinking about him or her?

Is it the poop emoji because sometimes life stinks but you still just have to smile?

Emoji are great because they help us convey a variety of emotions. No matter what we’re feeling, we can drop one of those little pictures into a text message to help describe our emotional state. Hopefully we get to use the crying while laughing emoji more often than the angry face emoji.

When it comes to our emotions, some of us are probably more comfortable with emoji than our actual feelings. Emoji are easy; we just pick the one that most resembles the current face we’re making and then move on. Emoji don’t really require us to put much thought our effort into our feelings; they’re just little pictures.

Dealing with our actual feelings, though, requires more than just tapping on our phones. God created us as whole beings with both thoughts and emotions. We tend to lean more heavily towards one or the other, but we all are a mix of the two. If we really want to grow and become more like Jesus, then we need to allow our feelings to push us toward God.

The Bible is filled with honest, emotional expressions.

David’s psalms show us a man who would bring his pain and joy before God.

Jeremiah didn’t hold back when telling God about the hardships in his calling.

Paul clearly tells those closest to him how much he loves them and how he longs to see them.

This past weekend, Kathleen reminded us of Elijah, who sought out God in the midst of the most difficult season of his life.

Whether we’re filled with joy or sadness, God wants us to bring everything to him. God created our emotions so he knows how best to help us process them.

When we’re feeling confused, God can bring us clarity.

When we’re feeling discouraged, God can encourage us.

When we’re feeling joyful, God can maximize our joy.

We all have feelings. Some of us wear them on our sleeves and some of us try to bury them as deeply as we can. Properly understanding and embracing our emotions, though, doesn’t mean burying them or allowing our lives to be dictated by their every whim. We can get the most out of our feelings when we bring them to God and process through them with him.

So, no matter what emoji currently describes our mood, we should allow those feelings to push us closer to God.

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