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Growing up, one of my favorite rides at Disneyland was Autopia. I wasn’t much into roller coasters when I was younger, but I loved the sensation of driving my own car. Autopia was the one time in my life when I got to experience life from the driver’s side. Obviously driving an Autopia car is nothing like driving a real car, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was racing down an open road, the wind in my hair, even though I was stuck on a track that wouldn’t let me veer off track no matter what I did.

Last weekend Doug reminded us that God wants our lives to be a little like Autopia. God doesn’t want us all to follow the same boring course over and over again, but he does want to keep us from getting too far off track. Doug shared with us that God sent the prophets to ancient Israel in order to get them back on track and God is still speaking to us today, hoping to keep our lives on track or get them back on track.

Unfortunately, our lives aren’t like Autopia. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of looking at your life and wondering how you got so far from God. Then we look back at our lives and see all the choices we made that got us to where we are. And, if we look a little deeper, we realize God was there the entire time, trying to get us back on track.

Maybe it was an initial consequence that we didn’t take seriously.

Maybe it was the advice of a good friend that we dismissed.

Maybe it was our conscience speaking to us, but we ignored it.

All of our lives have gotten off track at some point, but we’re never too far gone for God. Our Autopia car could be sinking in the Rivers of America and God would still come after us. God continued to go after his people through the prophets and still comes after us today through Jesus. Jesus came to earth to rescue us and enable us to stay on track.

Just because Jesus will rescue us if our lives get completely off track, doesn’t mean that we should let our lives get completely off track. Life is better when we stay the course that God has laid out for us. We live the best life possible when we intentionally live to love God and love others. The courses of our lives aren’t like Autopia; they’re all going to be different. But if we stay on track with God, then we’ll all be moving in the same direction, working together to reveal God’s kingdom in this world.

2 thoughts on “Getting Off Track

  1. Vern Bauerle says:

    Getting on track was posted on the blog in September, but its this weekend fresh, as pastors dig into the life of Elijah and note his blind spots. We all have them, and when your’e off track, everywhere around you is a blind spot! I was diagnosed a few decades ago with ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder as it expresses itself in my life is all about tunnel focus, that is distractable. I once was a semi pro magician, and in the training I noticed distraction is a key ingredient for illusions. To make a coin disappear, I would hold it up for all to see, wrap my other hand around it and close it, and then I’d focus intently on the right hand as I took it away to make it disappear up in the air on my right. Actually when I wrapped my right hand around the coin, it would drop from my fingers down into the palm of my left hand which slowly went down as I and everyone else watched the empty right hand. here’s the point. magicians and other distractors like Satan, cause us to focus on anything other than what God wants us to focus on. As for blind spots, when you’re focusing on the wrong thing, EVERYTHING ELSE, everyplace else, everyone else, is in a blind spot. Distractions CREATE massive blind spots, which take what we were supposed to pay attention to, and they send it off a spiritual Bermuda triangle. “Pray without ceasing” prevents Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder, because you’re always focusing on what God is saying, and pointing out for us what He wants us to give special attention to. Seek first, or topmost, the Kingdom, Lordship, commands of God, and all these other needs will be taken care of. Meanwhile, I have an inventor working on an ADD Credit card for me, So even if I have a DEFICIT in that account, I can still Pay Attention. Bye-4-Now <

  2. Vern Bauerle says:

    Well, for the Blog-master, since there appears to be no editing option, I need to correct something that I wrote “magicians and other distractors like Satan, cause us to focus on anything other than what God wants us to focus on.” That’s an error. I meant to say magicians and other distractors, like Satan, cause us to focus on one thing so they can blind you to what they’re doing in another spot. Magic is an art and entertainment, not intended to distract us from what God want’s us to focus. Its a kind of agreement that its okay to fool us, or deceive our perception, not really violating the laws of physics. Soem of my best friend over the years have been Christian Magicians, Andre Kole from Campus Crusade for Christ my favorite. Blessings! (Hope some day the Blog can have an “edit” option so no one wastes time and space with corrections. Thanks! < PS, Not sure what do do with the "Website" box!

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