Trusting Benjamins


Airplanes are crazy. If we thought about the physics, aeronautics and insanity involved with flying, then we might be less likely to trust them to get us to our next family vacation. However, the science does work out and air travel is tremendously safe. Most of us do trust a giant aluminum tube to get us to our destination safely, we trust them with our lives and the lives of those we love the most.

We’ll trust a plane to not fall out of the sky.

We’ll trust a restaurant to not give us disease-ridden food.

We’ll trust a babysitter to watch our children when we go to work or go out for the night.

When it comes to trusting anything or anyone with our money, though, we suddenly get far less trusting.

Married couples maintain separate checking accounts.

We guard our PIN numbers like they’re nuclear launch codes.

And heaven forbid anyone get a look at our online banking.

We trust airplanes with our lives, restaurants with our food and babysitters with our children, but we’re not willing to trust our money to anyone, including God.

God’s more trustworthy than our favorite airline, our favorite restaurant or our kids’ favorite babysitter. God is completely trustworthy. We can trust that he wants what’s best for us because he loves us and he created us. And God definitely wants what’s best for us when it comes to our money.

God wants us to trust in him with our money because he knows that money can’t satisfy us like he can.

God wants us to trust in him with our money because he knows that true joy is found in him and not in our possessions.

God wants us to trust in him with our money because he knows that chasing Benjamins will only leave us empty.

Trusting in God with our money realigns our values and puts us in a position to make the most of what we have. Trusting God with our money doesn’t mean never having a steak dinner or never buying a new outfit just because. But it does mean that all of our financial decisions are viewed through what God values.

If we trust in God, then we’ll adopt his values. That will have an impact on our wallets, but it will have an even bigger impact on our lives.

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