White Flag


“Waving the white flag” is usually a phrase with which we don’t want to be associated. The idea of surrendering goes against everything for which we stand. Surrendering means that we’ve lost, whether it applies to a global war or a game of Settlers of Catan.

This past weekend, though, Pastor Rob reminded us of the power that comes from surrendering to God’s love.

During the second week of Advent we focused on the love that was given to us in Jesus. That love can clearly be seen in the son who was born in a manger and died upon the cross. That love, which left heaven and met us in our brokenness, can be life-altering, but only if we surrender to it.

Pastor Rob reminded us that the choice us up to us. We can choose to surrender to God’s love or we can keep waging a losing war in which we control our lives and dictate our futures.

When we surrender to God’s love we find ourselves in exactly the positon for which we were created. We were created to fall into God’s love, trusting that he knows what’s best and that he will care for us. Too often we want to hold onto the wheel and dictate the course of our lives, when God is simply inviting us to trust in his love and let go of the wheel.

We face countless moments every day, when God looks at us and asks if we’re willing to say “Yes” to him. The act of saying yes in an act of surrender, an act that opens us up to more fully experiencing the love that came to earth in that little town of Bethlehem.

Will we say yes when God asks us to choose obedience over sin?

Will we say yes when God asks us to submit to our boss even when we don’t want to?

Will we say yes when God asks us to keep from commenting on Facebook even when we know we’re right?

Will we say yes when God asks us to turn off Netflix in order to read to our child?

Surrendering isn’t about giving up, but it’s about giving in to the better life that God has for us. And the only reason that we can give into that life, the only reason that we can surrender to that love, is because God sent his son to be love to us in a smelly stable 2,000 years ago.

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