Do you want to know your Bible better?  But how do you find the time (the Bible is big after all), and where do you start? 

The vision of Core 52 is to help everyone at Community (even the busiest of people) master the core of the Bible. By grasping these 52 core verses (one verse each week in 2022), you’ll wrap your mind around the entire message of the Bible.

Each week, you’ll receive two emails: one highlighting the core verse of the week, which will also be used in the coming Sunday’s message (You get tools and encouragement to help you study, memorize, and apply each week’s passage); the second email will celebrate stories of God working through this passage in the life of our church (a reflection on the passage, how someone applied the passage throughout the week, or even ideas to help you memorize the passage). In addition to the emails, we’ll periodically have special events, celebrations, and learning opportunities for those who have opted into Core 52.

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Core52 RECAP

April 24: Psalm 23.1-3

May 1: Philippians 2.5-7

May 8: 2 Timothy 2.2

May 15: Mark 10.45

May 22: Hebrews 12.1-2


March 20: John 1.14

March 27: 1 Samuel 16.7
April 3: Matthew 16.24-25
April 10: 1 Corinthians 15.3-4
April 17: Acts 1.9

Feb 13: Matthew 7.24

Feb 20: Matthew 5.20
Feb 27: Matthew 6.9-13
March 6: Matthew 6.19-21
March 13: Matthew 7.12

Jan 2: Romans 12.2

Jan 7: Romans 8.1
Jan 16: Proverbs 1.7
Jan 23: Mark 2.27-28
Jan 30: Psalm 1.1-3
Feb 6: Philippians 4.6