A Prayer of Thanksgiving from the Pastoral Staff

Last spring the Church Board gave us a stirring example when they met and prayed daily for two weeks for the health of our church.  As leaders we realize one of our biblical mandates is to devote ourselves to prayer (Acts 6:3-4).  We were reminded through our last series, Looking Up, to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Colossians 4:2).  So as a Pastoral Staff we felt we needed to increase our prayer for the church and seeking God’s direction.

Last August we began to gather monthly for a special time of prayer.  We engaged in different prayer practices to expand our learning and growth with God as a community of leaders.  One of the things our November time included was writing a prayer of thanksgiving to God for his work in and through Community Baptist Church.  Below is a compilation of our prayers:

  • Thank you, Lord, for the fellowship here at CBC and for the years you have led, grown, pruned, and produced fruit here.  It’s such a delight seeing the lives that have been impacted by you.  Thank you for the churches started, the missionaries sent, the ministries started, for your glory, and for the redemption of many.
  • Lord God, thank you for the value of grace you’ve poured out on our church.  So many who were shunned or shamed have come here and found a safe place because we do as you have done – met people right where they live.  As a result of grace, people can embrace the truth of their fallenness and receive the power of the Spirit to be transformed.
  • Lord, we thank and praise you for giving CBC the gift of the vision to grow healthy families.  Thank you for the unity this is providing and the greater opportunities for outreach to bless our Foothill communities.  Thank you for the health in the body.
  • Thank you for giving us the heart and vision to value all generations.  Children, youth, young adults, and older adults can learn and embrace you.  They can all worship and serve you; they can explore, connect, grow, and thrive.  We see you at work in people of all ages and stages of life.
  • Praise to you God for the 61 people who professed their faith in baptism this year.
  • We are thankful for our students.  We see them growing in you.  More students are being baptized.  We thank you for the 16 students baptized this year, 16 students declaring they want to pursue Christ wholeheartedly.  Thank you for the way you’re moving in their hearts, compelling them to also serve you.  Lord, they are serving in children’s classes, leading in worship, and they are wrestling with the truths of your Word.  We are thankful for the amazing team of volunteers you are raising up to build into the lives of students.
  • Help us to not lose sight of what you’re doing when we focus on the problems and the tasks at hand, but it is truly amazing that you call young people to yourself and want to use them to further your purposes in this world.  Thank you for that reality and continue to remind us when we are tempted to get discouraged.
  • Thank you, Lord, for young adults at this church and for all you are doing in and through them.  We praise you for the leadership team, for the small groups, for mentoring relationships that are forming, and for those who are serving.

  • Thank you for all you’re continuing to do in kids’ lives through KidSPACE.  Through all the changes of Sandy leaving, you have poured out your peace, showing the whole team that you are in control.  It could so easily be a time filled with anxiety and stress, yet you have given us your peace.
  • We praise you for the faithful small group leaders who persevere week after week in facilitating deeper relationships in the church.  Give them strength, wisdom, and discernment as they touch the lives of so many.  Thank you, Father, that through your Holy Spirit you are building beautiful, meaningful, and encouraging relationships among your children here at Community.
  • Thank you for the work you have accomplished in the hearts and minds of those on the Men’s and Women’s Ministry teams.  Thank you for their spirit of unity with what you are doing in the church as a whole.  Thank you for the attitude of submission that has led to greater unity, instead of division.  May you build upon this spirit of yielding and continue to work in the hearts of others beyond the team.
  • Thank you for the lives being changed and transformed at Lifeline.  Thank you that, as the lives of individuals have been brought closer to you, it has impacted marriages and children.  May you continue to do your handiwork in this church, beginning first with us.
  • We thank you for your financial provisions, and for the blessings that come from you.
  • We thank you for the privilege to serve you and your people here.  Thank you for the love we have for one another and for the unity that exists among us.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for calling us to be more prayer-focused as a leadership community.  Thank you for your empowerment and for the wisdom you grant us daily.
  • Thank you for all those who have gone before us, for we stand on their faith, their trust in you, your Word, and your Church.  Years ago, you led a group of people to purchase this land on the corner of 19th & Beryl.  You called two of your servants to get up and go, here, to the Foothills to begin this church and you have blessed it and you have blessed us.  Thank you that you continue to call – you are calling – your people here to follow after you.
  • God we praise you for your faithfulness.  You have sustained this church and its people and you continue to transform lives.  Thank you, Father, for your continued guidance and direction.  May you be glorified in this church for the sake of Jesus.  Amen.

-Kathleen Acker

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