College Students Congregate for Food & Fun

On Sunday, September 23, thirteen college students gathered together at Terry’s Burgers for lunch.  Some people got sandwiches, some ordered burritos, but the favorite selection by far was the burgers.  Many of the students were glued to their phones or the TV (tracking their fantasy football teams, of course).  🙂

It was a fun time enjoyed by all and many good conversations took place as a result.  We even hung out as a group a little bit and discussed what our next event was going to be – BBQ, ultimate frisbee, and boom ball on November 3 or 4 (more info to come).  One small group even stayed after the event at Terry’s and met for the “Why Church?” study!  This was the first official college event at CBC, but many more events are sure to follow.

Michael Westfall

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