Jesus and the Shower

This past weekend Pastor Art shared with us about living the full life. Our culture tells us that the full life is found in money, possessions, promotions, promiscuous relationships and academic success. However, as Art pointed out, the full life really comes being a person of strength and using our gifts for God’s purposes.

If we want to become people of strength with an internal focus that affects the world around us, then we really need to spend time with Jesus. Jesus’ disciples were a ragtag group of fishermen, tax collectors and zealots. Most of them were uneducated and others used their abilities to exploit their neighbors on behalf of the Roman Empire. But, because they spent time with Jesus, day in and day out, they were transformed. They became people of strength who changed the entire world.

Sometimes we may think that the disciples had it so much easier than we do. They actually got to walk with Jesus, talk with Jesus and share a meal with Jesus. We may think to ourselves, “If I got to hang out with Jesus that way, then I’d definitely be more committed.” Jesus himself, though, said that we have it better than the disciples. We have the Holy Spirit with us and, because of him, we have access to God wherever we go.

We can spend time with God in our living rooms.

We can spend time with God on our commute.

We can spend time with God in between classes.

We can spend time with God waiting to pick kids up from school.

We can spend time with God in the shower.

We can spend time with God while taking a walk.

The disciples were limited because they could only be with Jesus wherever Jesus was. Now we can spend time with Jesus literally whenever we want. And it’s that time spent with Jesus that will allow us to become people of strength who serve God’s kingdom with our gifts.

The full life begins with a life lived at Jesus’ feet. That time should always include the Bible and prayer, but it can also include any number of other activities. The important part is setting that time aside, even if it’s just some quiet reflection and conversation with Jesus during your morning shower.

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