Liquidate for Living Water Update

Last summer CBCers gave sacrificially to our “Liquidate for Living Water” project, raising money to build a water well in Ethiopia.  This was part of World Vision’s systematic effort to build water and sanitation systems to dozens of towns and villages throughout this needy country.  While the cost of water wells varies, based on environmental factors (depth of digging) and the resulting engineering/training/maintenance, the average cost is $20,000 per well.  As you may recall, CBCers gave more than expected.  Because of your generosity (and creativity holding yard sales, ebay sales, gold sales, etc.), we raised just over $40,000, which means we built two wells!

Now, a year later, I’ve received a full report from World Vision (click here to read the report, which reflects activity through March 2012).  Most of the work is complete in our two towns of Gechi and Omonada.  Between them, they now have 1 deep well, and fourteen shallower wells (the shallower wells operate by hand pumps).  Together they serve 10,030 men, women, and children!

I praise God for the good work he has done through our church body.  This has been another slice of “Why Church?” in action.  Thank you for giving last year.  Thank you for improving the lives of thousands of people.  And thank you for continuing to support God’s work around the world.

Pastor Rob

Published on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 @ 4:40 PM PDT
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Ed Carey

$40,000 divided by 10,000 men women and children comes to about a Starbucks plus tip per person. Great investment and really not much of a sacrifice when you look at the return on investment. I am proud to be part of the CBC Family

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