New Groups Meet During “Why Church?”

One of the great things about doing a churchwide series such as “Why Church?” is that new groups begin to meet.  This series was no exception.  With the launch of the series, 5 new groups began meeting.  One group was led by Lynn Scott and it met here on campus on Wednesday evenings.

Lynn shared how using the Small Group Commitment really helped the group gel, and as the weeks progressed, she saw the benefit of having taken the time up front to make a commitment together.  “Everyone was so faithful and came ready to meet.  And if there was a week that someone couldn’t make it, they called and let us know,” said Lynn regarding its effectiveness.  She continued: “I didn’t think it would have made much difference, but I was glad we used it.  Up front we agreed on our commitment to each other and it seemed to help create a bond with each other quickly.”

In Community Life we have seen many groups benefit from taking a few minutes periodically to review their commitment to one another.  It’s a kind of routine maintenance, a tune-up to see if what they have agreed on is still working for the group.  Life has its ups and downs.  Taking time to review this annually allows for the little wrinkles to be ironed out, letting the group maintain a healthy environment.

In addition to Lynn’s group, four other new groups met during “Why Church?” in homes in the community.  Two involved young married couples led by Sean & Danielle Whaley and Brent & Tiffany Bruce.   The two other groups targeted young adults with one group led by Michael Westfall for post-college men and the other led by Jon Lee for college students.

We are thankful for each of these leaders who took a step themselves in leading a small group.  We know that they were blessed in the process.

-Dave Palmer

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