Life is better in Community

We want to make your visit with us as seamless as possible. We’ve broken your visit down into 3 steps:

Relationships are where it’s at

Life happens best when people are connected in relationships. We believe we are all called to a personal relationship with Christ, and into vital relationships with others. Here at Community we want to help everyone discover the life God has for them.

A personal encounter with Jesus is not only the starting point for a Christian life, but the ongoing place of our growth for his followers. At CBC, we provide opportunities for these encounters through our services, pastoral care, ministry programs, and outreach. This is our mission defined priority.

This is God’s work, not ours. As people have authentic encounters with Jesus, the Spirit shows up with fruit (Galatians 5) and gifts (Romans 12) as testimony to and reward for our decision to say yes to Christ. Our job is simply to help people reflect on and respond to the Spirit’s role and control in their lives, with the belief that a growing empowerment is evidence of an ongoing encounter.

As Jesus’ followers, we are asked to be agents of love, peace, and restoration in and to a disappointed and disillusioned world. We believe God’s kingdom is extended every time His people and His priorities come into loving contact with the world’s brokenness, and we champion each instance of the gospel lived and offered through word and deed. This is our mission defined outcome – an impassioned group of people providing our community and world with opportunities for their first/next Jesus Encounter.

Have Questions?

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