We are better together. At Community Church Rancho, we really believe that statement. Our groups are great places to help you connect with Jesus, others, and your purpose. Groups at Community were designed with just this purpose in mind – a safe place to help you connect with Jesus, other folks here at Community, and ultimately your purpose in God! As we gather and grow together, we come to realize that we are better together, and that’s what God wants for us. 

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we have a group that can help you take a next step. View our group options below to begin your journey into community.

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Finding lasting connections at Community begins with Rooted.

Rooted is a 10-week small group experience designed to connect you to God, the church, and your purpose. Together, in a group of 8-12 people from all walks of life, you’ll explore the Bible, engage in prayer and serve experiences, share stories, and practice rhythms essential to a healthy spiritual life. These spiritual rhythms aren’t new or something the church recently created; every one of them is found in Acts 2 where the early church began. We will provide you with a facilitator who is trained to come alongside your group to help you get the most out of the experience. Rooted is available at least 2 times a year, beginning in January and September.

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Ready to connect with God, others, and your purpose in Rooted? Register for the next Rooted session here.


Growth Groups

Building on the foundation laid at Rooted, our Growth Groups are a great place to help you remain connected with Jesus, others, and your purpose. We value the many different backgrounds, ages, experiences, and ethnicities that make up our community. Being part of healthy, growing relationships centered around the message of Jesus helps us discover who God has created us to be and live it out.

Our growth groups meet in homes or the church throughout the week. They share meals, dive deeper into our sermon series, share struggles, and pray for one another. Have a question? Email Pastor Brad for more info. Ready to get connected? Click here to find a group that fits you!


Growth Groups: Q&A

Do I need to complete Rooted before joining a Growth Group? 

Ideally, yes. Our Growth Groups build off the foundations laid in Rooted. In Rooted, you are introduced to some basic theological truths and habits for spiritual formations which are further practiced and nurtured in our Growth Groups. Start in Rooted, and keep that spiritual momentum going in a Growth Group.

What do Growth Groups do? 

Growth Groups meet regularly, in homes, coffee shops, parks and anywhere in-between to study God’s word, primarily through our weekly sermon discussion questions, practice the same spiritual rhythms experienced through Rooted, and live out the Jesus Mission together. 

How often do Growth Groups meet? 

Growth Groups tend to meet either weekly or bi-weekly on different days and times. Most groups meet for 10 weeks at a time with breaks built in throughout the year.

What resources do you offer Growth Group leaders? 

Quite a bit! From monthly leader emails, weekly discussion questions, coaching and regular leader gatherings, our team is committed to equipping leaders to shepherd well. Email our team if you are a leader looking for resources and support.  

Can I find more specialized care and support groups? 

Yes, we offer various support and care groups here on campus. And if we don’t have a specific support or care group here, we are happy to refer you to the right ministry in our area. For more info, email Pastor Brad.


Growth Tracks

Growth Tracks are learning experiences focused on equipping you to follow Jesus in specific and practical areas of life. While each one has its own unique objectives, what unites these classes is our desire to support you through practical areas of discipleship with concrete and actionable teaching.


Summer 2022

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Activity Groups

Activity Groups provide space for you to connect with others around a recreational activity. See a list of our current groups – and sign-up info – below. Interested in starting up an Activity Group? Email Pastor Brad for more info.


Motorcycle Group: Contact Brad Twitty (

Walking Group: Contact Wendy Everett (

Golfing Group: Contact Grant Marshall (

Hiking Group: Contact Brett Sanner (