We are better together. At Community Church Rancho, we really believe that statement. Our groups are great places to help you connect with Jesus, others, and your purpose.  As we gather and grow together, we come to realize that we are better together, and that’s what God wants for us. 

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we have a group that can help you take a next step.

View our group options below to begin your journey into community.

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Growth Groups

While we love seeing your faces at our weekend gatherings, we believe that Jesus’ vision for the church is uniquely relational. Sunday may get things started, but true community happens best right in our homes, designed into the weekly rhythm of our lives. Have a meal, enjoy a good conversation, create deep friendships, and live on mission together. 

Find your people and spur one another on as you journey towards Jesus! 

Ready to get connected?

Contact Pastor Brett for detailed group options and next step opportunities: or (909) 945-5001.


Growth Tracks

Community is committed to creating resilient disciples. Growth Tracks are designed to equip you to live as a disciple in different areas of life and faith. While Growth Group provide your primary community (so please jump into one of those if you aren’t already), Growth Tracks are an additional way to be formed into the way of Jesus.

Fall 2024

Disciple-Making Cohort

How to Read the Bible

[More information coming soon]


Process Groups

In Process Groups, 5-10 individuals meet for spiritual and emotional support around a common life situation or around a specific personal growth area. Life situations can encompass loss, parenting, or caregiving. Personal growth areas can include choosing to forgive, managing anger, stress, or depression. Groups meet in-person or on Zoom, weekly or monthly, usually for 5-8 sessions. These kinds of needs are present in the church, in our workplaces, in our schools, and in our neighborhoods, and offer us an opportunity to make connections with others outside the church community. Find the current schedule here.