Community Kids

A place where every kid belongs!

Kids are awesome!
- Jesus (paraphrase)

This why we offer age-specific kids programming during our 10:30am worship service every Sunday.

At Community Kids we want to help you make the most of each day even as the years pass by quickly. Through our weekly Bible classes and events throughout the year, we will introduce your children to Jesus and help them get to know him better. 

At our Bible classes, kids will learn how Jesus is with them and wants to help them no matter what they face. Join our email list to hear about events and activities through the year.

Hi, I’m Alyssa. I’m passionate about making sure there is a special place for EVERY kid! At Community, we work hard to offer a fun and safe environment every weekend and at all of our special events. Our staff and volunteer team is trained and background-checked to lead our kids through live worship, fun games, and activities based on a weekly Bible lesson. Community Kids is more than childcare. Your kids will make life-long memories, find meaningful friendships, and begin a journey of faith.  If I can do anything to help make your first visit to Community Kids smooth and special, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Alyssa Smedley, Community Kids Lead // 909-945-5001

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