Preschool and Elementary Kids

We’re passionate that kids have a safe, fun, and exciting place where every child grows and thrives in the Lord.  With our vision to transform families for generations, we partner with families to train children in the ways of Christ.  With the Bible as our foundation, we dream of seeing each child develop a personal relationship with Christ.  Ultimately, we envision today’s kids becoming spiritual leaders for future generations.

Our ministry team of volunteers are trained, screened, and qualified to help develop your child’s spiritual life.


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Miriah Henderson
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Volunteer with KidSPACE

Baby Dedications

Baby dedication is the symbolic act of parents presenting their infant before the Lord. The model for this is Mary and Joseph presenting baby Jesus at the Temple. While we envision each infant growing up to accept Jesus as their own savior, baby dedication is the really a dedication of the parents committing themselves to raise their child in the ways of the Lord.

Baby dedication is not to be confused with baptism. While some churches baptize infants, CBC believes that baptism is a public declaration of one\’s personal faith in Christ. Here at Community, believers (as young as age 8) are baptized as an expression of their own faith Christ.

To prepare for baby dedication, parents must attend the one-hour Explore Community class and the Baby Dedication Class prior to the dedication weekend. The Baby Dedication class helps parents understand their role as spiritual leaders of their families, and our partnership together to transform families for generations.

If you would like to sign-up for the next baby dedication, please download the form below and forward it to Miriah via email, or bring to the Children & Youth table in the Courtyard.

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If you have questions, please contact Miriah 909.945.5001 x260 or miriahhenderson@findcommunity.com

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